This Fiesta Celebrates Dawn!
a spicy spacey salsa song by
Donna Stearns
Singer, Songwriter and Composer

A New Song by Donna Stearns Celebrating Dawn's Arrival at Vesta.

Music and Lyrics by Donna Stearns
Sung by Donna Stearns and Tony Imgrund.
Produced by Harley Fine, Zeroville Recording.

As the spacecraft Dawn approached Vesta, it became clear that a new song was needed! The Dawn team was putting together the Vesta Fiesta and needed to have a bit salsa with their spacecraft. So I wrote this song with the nationwide party in mind for this first-ever event.

Even more fun is that the Dawn team at NASA has posted the song on the Dawn website! I also have three other versions available: karaoke (no melody), instrumental (with melody) and a high-quality, full-vocal AIFF version. Please contact me here to get any of these for a donation of at least $1.

On August 6, 2011, I took the song (and my husband Jason) to the National Flagship Dawn event: the Vesta Fiesta in Pasadena, California. Jason and I had a great time and lot of people got to hear the song! It's great that the Dawn team put it back out for the upcoming I C Ceres event coming up in May 2015. If you like the song, please click the Paypal link below and donate what you can, whether it's $1 or $5 or $50 or $100. For your donation, I'll send you a link for a high-quality AIFF download of my wonderful song.

Thanks for reading, listening and donating!

--- Donna Stearns

Copyright 2011 Donna Stearns, All Rights Reserved. New York City.